Doom Maps

Note: Recommended resolution for these wads is 800×600 or better.



V1.4.2 Beta

Promotional 7-level Gzdoom mod based on my novel, The Helios Legacy.

As a blizzard isolates Gaulheim from the rest of civilization, Juno Radcliffe infiltrates the lair of Dr. Gaul to assassinate her and put an end to her super soldier project and other crimes against humanity.


strangeaeons shot


v5.4 (9/29/2016)

5-Episode Partial Conversion for Ultimate Doom / Doom II

(Requires ZDoom or GZdoom to run)

This is an atmospheric map set (45 levels) based on the works of H P Lovecraft, and inspired by a Doom clone I designed when I was a kid.  Reunite with your dead son by traveling through your dreams and conquering four nightmarish realms: a shattered planet floating in aether, a dilapitated fortress of the future, the badlands of prehistoric earth, and the frozen Plateau of Leng. Now includes a fifth bonus episode, Out of the Aeons, set in the Underworld and the City of R’lyeh!



Download Version 1.2

Funkbot 8000 is on the loose, distorting reality everywhere it goes! Earth’s only hope is a four-armed babe named Dez and a crap-ton of weird weapons.

Surreal Killer provides a new lineup of weird-ass monsters, and a new arsenal with which to smite them: guns that range from classy to funky to outright bizarre. It also adds new powerups: the Seagal Sphere and the Phone-A-Phriend, the latter which summons even stranger allies to help you out in a pinch. Can be used with tons of mapsets and mods.


nos shottie


v 2.4 (8/3/2016)

3-Episode Total Conversion for Doom II

(Requires ZDoom or GZdoom to run)


A remake of the worst FPS ever made, 100x improved through the Doom engine. When the world is threatened by an insane Japanese dictator, the USA sends a pair of special ops to cripple his regime. 18 levels of 80s action movie mayhem!


obc rm screenie.png

Nerves of Steel: Operation Body Count

3 Level Demo for Doom II

(Requires ZDoom or GZdoom to run)

The Tunnel Rats return in another remake of a terrible DOS-era FPS. The HORUS terrorist group has taken control of the UN Building in New York, and every surrounding city block, turning the Big Apple into the ultimate terrorist fortress. Slip through their defenses and assassinate their leader before he nukes the entire city!




(for Doom II)

Small outdoor map in a vaguely Doom 1 style.

Revised and featured in Strange Aeons.


ss derceto


(for Doom II — limit-removing source port required)

A reproduction of the original Alone in the Dark mansion, including the underground caverns.

Play it with Pirate Doom for the best results!




(for Doom II)

Medium-sized mad scientist castle/lab populated with undead monsters.

Revised and featured in Strange Aeons.




I combined all the Sailor Moon mods into a single mod, with my own weapon pickup sprites.


bathory 1


(For Doom II)

Made for Mayhem 1500 at Doomworld, using the Gothic texture set.

Explore a gothic castle in search of a sleeping vampire.




(For Doom II)

A weird space-time puzzle map for zdoom.

17 comments on “Doom Maps

  1. First two episodes of your Strange Aeons partial conversion were immensely enjoyable! Loved the moody, surreal, dreamlike feel of the environments from E1, and E2 reminded me early techbase-style maps from Chasm at times. That moving fortress/giant armored vehicle map from E2 is pretty memorable, you rarely see stuff like that in Doom.

  2. If Randolph Carter had the misfortune to inhabit the 21st century, I think you’ve well imagined the horrors he might encounter in the Earth’s dreamlands. Bravo.

  3. Hi, I was just playing Strange Aeons 5.3 using GZDoom 2.2 r889 and on map E2M3 the blue key wasn’t present. It was only when I found a YouTube playthrough of the level that I saw where it was meant to be, but on going there it just wasn’t present, meaning i was stuck in the room unable to get out.

    I did some testing and started the level from the map command, then noclipped directly there, and the blue key was present, but on doing the same thing with my save file from the start of the level, the blue key wasn’t present again.

    So it looks like a bug that doesn’t always happen, but when it does it gets saved within the savegame making progress impossible.

    • That’s why the site and readme recommend you play it in ZDoom. GZdoom devbuilds can throw things out of whack with a lot of mods. Try it in regular ZDoom and see if it still occurs.

      • Okay, I finally got around to trying it with ZDoom 2.9 r1021 (as I’ve always used GZDoom), and the exact same issue happens. In normal gameplay when the map loads on level transition, the blue key isn’t present in E2M3 resulting in you getting completely stuck. It must be a map issue as I’ve never had this kind of issue on any other mod.

      • Are you playing on easy? Apparently the key wasn’t flagged for those settings, so maybe that’s the issue. If you’re not playing on easy, I’m clueless what could be causing it.

  4. Playing on the second difficulty level – “Hey, not too rough”.

    Thing is, if I instead warp directly to the level using the map command, I can see that the blue key is present when I noclip over to it to test it, but when I play the game normally, going from level to level (and the only saves made were the autosaves at the start of each level) the blue key is missing so I end up locked in that room unable to continue.

    • Check the new version and see if it’s fixed. Otherwise I have no idea, unless it’s a devbuild issue. Zdoom 2.8.1 is the last version to have a news update, so I imagine that’s the latest non-beta release, and it never has this issue.

      • I think that fixed it! On seeing you mention the difficulty levels, I re-tested the level by setting the skill value then using the map command. At skill values 0, 1 and 2 the blue key was missing, but at 3 and 4 it was present, suggesting that it was indeed related to the difficulty level.

        On downloading your new version, skill levels 0, 1 and 2 now have the blue key present, so it appears to be fixed.

        Now I can get on with enjoying the rest of it. Many thanks! :)

      • Yep, confirmed as fixed now as even on normal level transitions through game progress the blue key is now where it is supposed to be. Oh, and it was just skill levels 0 and 1 that were affected, not 2 as I mentioned previously.

  5. Never did find a way to open that wooden door in the future dimension in Inn-escapable, boo hoo!
    Anyways, you can fall into the toilet and not get out of it without jumping in the starting dimension.

    • Weird. Thanks for the tip! I may or may not get around to fixing it at some point. Been focusing on the bigger mods the last few years…

      If you mean the wooden door hidden behind the “fridge” thingy, you have to open that door in the previous timeline, then quickly teleport to the next one and run through before it closes. I should’ve connected more of the doors that way as a clue to the solution.

      • The simplest fix would be to make the button that “flushes” the toilet shootable, since that raises the middle of it and would let you free.

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