My videos and playlists of note.


Readings of My Stories

Whenever someone records a reading of something I wrote, and that reading isn’t utter shit, I’ll add it to this playlist if it’s available on the YT.


Favorite Youtube Poops

Youtube Poop is a form of video art where existing footage is remixed in an absurd or otherwise hilarious manner, sometimes with catchy musical results. Usually the end result is shit, but these are the good ones.


The Yoyogames Sandbox Bargain Bin

This is a collection of games I salvaged from the dying Yoyogames Sandbox website, compiled to appreciate / laugh at obscure amateur attempts at game design. To make it onto this playlist, games must be found on the Yoyogames Sandbox site, and must match at least one of the following criteria:

1) The game shows potential, creativity, or otherwise a unique weirdness that appeals to me, whether or not the game is terrible.

2) The game is godawful in some hysterical or otherwise unbelievable fashion.

Download the games here!


Doom Mod Salad

I do one of the following in each video:

1) Showcase Doom mod combinations that yield weird, fun, humorous, or otherwise interesting results.

2) Showcase obscure Doom mods and TC’s that don’t have many videos on youtube, if any at all (occasionaly those which only have one or two videos with obnoxious commentary)

The first few were experimental, but later on I made some pretty outrageous shit happen.