9 comments on “Dinomensch

  1. Oh wow, a new Mod by you…. Christmas came early! Thank you for all the amazing gaming goodness that you create and share. You’re an amzing fella for all that you do.

    You’re one of my favorite Modders of all time!


  2. Broken link? I like the atmosphere and the theme of this one! I hope you’ll finish this soon

    • it’s working for me. maybe your internet connection had a hiccup or something? give it another shot at a different time of day and see if that makes a difference. let me know either way, and if you still can’t download, i can just email you.

      • Not working for me, saddly :( I can’t download any mod from this page, and that’s weird, I want download this mod and arkista’s ring, so I will appreciate if you send me and email :D thanks man, I love your mods!

      • try disabling your antivirus and refreshing the page before clicking the link. if that doesn’t work, my email is on my about page. drop me a line and I’ll figure something out.

  3. Very interesting project, love the weapons and monsters especially. Any plans to continue development for this mod? Maybe you could settle for a gameplay replacement submod if it doesn’t work out?

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