5 comments on “Arkista’s Ring

  1. Really liked this one. Its theme is similar to an idea I’ve had for a while. Currently running some experiments to see if I can set my similar themed idea for a TC in progress. I’ll show you a preview if it goes anywhere.

      • Thanks. Some base test work with converting 3D assets to sprites went well. I want my TC to use an all ‘original’ set of weapons/enemies/textures using assets I’ve acquired from my work with Unity. Converted to sprites conforming to a 256 color style palette. So everything should look completely unique as far as being seen in DOOM/Duke before.

        I’m currently considering using EDuke as a base instead of GZDOOM. I’m no stranger to modding Duke Nukem content so the change shouldn’t be too jarring. Just reviewing EDukes features to see if it can do all the basic stuff I want before making the switch at the moment. I messed around with EDuke a bit in 2019 but can’t remember if it has a few things I want.

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