11 comments on “Robocop Doom

  1. Playing through this and enjoying it a great deal, thanks for all your work. One minor problem, there does not seem to be a blue keycard to open the secret in robomap02c.wad Old Detroit 3/3, I’ve looked in GZDoom Builder. Apologies if I’ve missed something here.

  2. Glad I am the first to post here, I think I recall there being a Robocop-like doom mod way back, that was criticized for its unfinished state on release, hope this jumpstarts the whole bringing Robocop back to doom vibe! Good luck man.

    • Yeah, Robocop.wad has a really, really brief entry on the doom wiki, and there’s only one place I’m aware of where you can download it, and it requires a login account, which I’m not gonna create just to play a bad wad.

    • I saw! I watched his research stream where he first played it, too (after the fact: i missed the livestream itself).

      Thank you for your cooperation.

      • make sure you don’t violate the wideness act Mike, at least not until I play this and give it a half butt’ed review like I always do, though honestly I haven’t watched the movie…I feel like I need to go to the corner of shame now, anyway when I saw icarus reviewed this I had no clue you made it but now that I do I gotta play it

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