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  1. Playing through this and enjoying it a great deal, thanks for all your work. One minor problem, there does not seem to be a blue keycard to open the secret in robomap02c.wad Old Detroit 3/3, I’ve looked in GZDoom Builder. Apologies if I’ve missed something here.

  2. Glad I am the first to post here, I think I recall there being a Robocop-like doom mod way back, that was criticized for its unfinished state on release, hope this jumpstarts the whole bringing Robocop back to doom vibe! Good luck man.

    • Yeah, Robocop.wad has a really, really brief entry on the doom wiki, and there’s only one place I’m aware of where you can download it, and it requires a login account, which I’m not gonna create just to play a bad wad.

    • I saw! I watched his research stream where he first played it, too (after the fact: i missed the livestream itself).

      Thank you for your cooperation.

      • make sure you don’t violate the wideness act Mike, at least not until I play this and give it a half butt’ed review like I always do, though honestly I haven’t watched the movie…I feel like I need to go to the corner of shame now, anyway when I saw icarus reviewed this I had no clue you made it but now that I do I gotta play it

  3. So what kind of GZDoom i need to make this mod work? Cause, like, it gives me this error message:
    Script error, “robocop.pk3:roboguns.wad:DECORATE” line 27:
    “player.viewbob” is an unknown actor property

    • It should work in the latest Gzdoom release, but they seem to regularly release builds with new mod-breaking “features”, so who knows at this point.

      • I see, but latest versions of GZDoom doesn’t work for me at all. In some of them, when i launch even simple Doom 1 or Doom 2, i can’t see main menu but brown screen. But others just crashes on me when i’m trying to launch them. So, maybe you could make your mod work on Zandronum 3.0 please? That would be better, instead of trying to find version of GZDoom that will work or not.

      • I did, but no one can help me. Everyone said that i need to buy a more modern PC, because latest version of GZDoom works only with modern videocards. And that’s it. No help, nothing.

    • You could try every version of GZDoom starting from older to newer or vice versa until hopefully you find one that works with your setup.

      I play on an old machine with XP SP2 and an 88GT and I have to use version 2.2 because the old driver set I use (which is compatible for older games) only supports up to Open GL 2.0, which means I can’t enjoy a lot of the newer mods that require versions of GZDoom that support Open GL 3.0.

      With old patato setups it’s all down to trial and error. As far as those people telling you on the forum that you need a current PC to get the Robocop mod to work, that might not be true. In my case for example, if I wanted to I could update to a newer driver set and get Open GL 3.0 compatibility, which would most likely give me access to a ton of mods I can’t currently play in Open GL 2.0.

      I would say that an Nvidia 88GT is probably about as far back as one can go with a video card. However, using an old OS like XP might be a deal breaker for some of the newer mods, I’m not sure if anything used in these them is OS specific.

      Good luck, Marine.

      • Well, older version of GZDoom works for me, but this Robocop mod doesn’t work on those older versions. I tried it with GZDoom v1.8.10.0 and with 1.9.1 up to 2.0 and it doesn’t work. So i don’t know what else can i do. I can try to run it in Software mode, but in that mode all surroundings starting to stretch when you turn camera with your mouse up, down or left or right, and that hurts my eyes, and i can’t play it like this. So yeah, i think that there is no options for me anymore.

  4. If this mods was working on oldel GZDoom versions, like, then it would be better. But, it looks like no one gonna help me with all this. This is just unfair.

  5. I stcuk in the 5fth map in the elevator . Can’t go back down and the door wont open. look almost everywhere seem to be the good path but for some reason I’m stuck and cannot finish the level…

  6. Sorry if its been a long time but Do I need to go in that elevator ? because I’m stuck I’ve tried jumping to activate something shooting ect. But I’m stuck. If its not important maybe remove it So people like me cannot get trapped inside and have to restart the level. Or maybe It just my version that bug Idk…

  7. I didn’t try to go elsewhere maybe I’m not suppose to go in that building. Sorry If I miss something. I didn’t replay alot and I retry the level 5-6 times. I gonna look for an alternative path but we should be able to reactivate the elevator to go down. your mod is cool I’m don’t want to seem angry or anything just trying to figure it out and help you If i got a bug.

    • I’ve checked the map itself in doombuilder and all the correct flags are set. That door ought to open like any other door, so I have no idea why it isn’t. You guys are playing in gzdoom and not zandronum or another source port?

  8. No I’m playing Gzdoom 4.2.4 don’t know about phil. but its Gzdoom and the nashgore mod. nothing else so I don’t know why. is it my setting ? gonna try another build or with no setting modified to see if something work.

  9. For Some reason it worked perfectly with a untouched version of Gzdoom 4.2.4 I don’t know what I’ve checked to make it like that. But it doesn’t have to do with your mod. its my setting. If I find what causing the problem I’m gonna post it here to help Phil and other people if that happen to them.

  10. I know what is the problem !
    I tried making Gzdoom look like the “dosversion” by decreasing the rendering, resolution and adding old effect. and I use the compatibility option to emulate vanilla doom physics and monsters behaviors but the problem was on the map behavior option.
    By putting it to : (Doom Strict) it changed alot of stuff and I didn’t check what was the changes. I just followed a youtube video to get the feel and look.
    In the map option there is a line called : All special lines can block . and It was to Yes so I put it to no and It work now. This is the only mod that did that to me since I started messing around with the option.
    So I though it was the mod but no.
    Just change the line to No and It will work perfectly if you really want to use the “vanilla” physics ect. personaly it was fun to mess around but I gonna stick with the normal GZdoom and resolution like I do normally since the last 15 years just no texture filtering.

  11. Don’t know why this happens, and this is a really minor thing, but for me now the intro clip cuts out before he can say “uphold the law”. I’ve been playing this mod alot and I absolutely love it, but something is making that intro cut too early.

  12. Really enjoyed playing through this. The satisfying weapons, the fun (and sometimes hilarious) enemy voice lines, the recognisable music, the main bad guys from the film all present and the episode transition frames from the film all came together so perfectly! Excellent excellent work Mike. I’m playing through Day of the Toys now and having a great time as well.

    • Awesome, glad you’re having a good time! I’m trying to do a graphic novel of Day of the Toys atm but as usual I’m juggling a billion things at once.

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