11 comments on “Operation Sea Wolf

  1. This is great! I love the Juno TCs, so I was glad to see more of it, especially framed within a remake of one of my favorite older TCs, Operation Arctic Wolf from the original WolfenDoom project. I hope to continue to play more of Juno’s adventures!

    • Thanks for the kind words! Stay subscribed to get notifications when I release later projects. This remake was a lot of fun and I might do another in the near future.

    • My concern is the robots, turrets, and tanks exploding into goo unrealistically, and the Skuld boss exploding when she’s not supposed to die. That’s why it shouldn’t be used, and why I loathe that fucking mod.

  2. Yes, mechanical enemies do bleed, but I didn’t consider it gamebraking. Didn’t know about Skuld, I’ll play that level again. Don’t be so harsh on Bolognese, mostly it works fine.

    BTW Operation Sea Wolf is great even though I´m not a fan of original Arctic Wolf. Thanks for the experience

    • None of the Juno mods are multiplayer. You’d have to add them in a map editor if you wanna play with a friend. Story-wise she always works alone, so I dunno who the other player would be (lol).

  3. The mod seem great, but there a problem with the download. MediaFile keep trying to generate a key but nothing really happen. Can you reupload the file please?

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