18 comments on “Operation Body Count

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  2. good stuff, my only complaint is that it’s 3D floors don’t play nice with my phone’s version of GZdoom, outside that this was a lot of fun to hammer out on my day off, rail-gun and flamethrower were freakin’ cool and I hope to see such weapons in future maps.

  3. Freaking NEAT! I’ve always been somewhat enthralled by Capstones shitty games. But this takes the cake, nice work!

    • Thanks! I actually kind of enjoyed the demo for this game, but was let down by the full version. I tried to capture what I liked about the demo in this version, which is likely why I made each mission far removed from the others.

      • I do remember the demo, you were able to enter the exit area without a landmine being tripped. Why Did they make the exits in the full version in push walls for godsakes? The structure of your remake fits nicely, and is a real challenge. I’m playing on UV and it’s tough, i’m on the third level. Next: a witchaven remake. It really wasn’t a bad game, just had choppy controls and movement.

    • Totally missed them. I’m on the last level now. Wow was it tough. And I consider myself a seasoned doom advocate

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