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    • I have no intention of doing this because of the amount of work it would require to replace all the monsters and special items with generic doom equivalents. Besides which, I intended all my mods to be played as-is.

  1. Just fugured out that you made a separate mod for monsters and weapons – awesome work, dude! And I guess we now can name (unofficially, of course) RYLAEH + SA mod combo as “Aeon Before” XD

    • More like Aeon After, since the Traveler ends the game in R’lyeh anyway. And the maps in that wad are honestly perfect cos the geometry really does feel wrong and keeps leading you in circles.

  2. I’ve been enjoying playing through this one recently – it’s one of the coolest megawads I’ve played, and it might be my favorite of yours now, despite how excellent Project Einherjar was. You’re definitely on my list of top favorite Doom mappers. As a creative person myself (animator), I felt I should give you some positive feedback on your site to show there are plenty of people appreciating your work. Keep it up!

  3. Hi. As you may have guessed by my name, I’m the guy working on that Strange Aeons side project that I sent you. I was wondering if I may have a zip file of the pistol sprites from releases before version 5.0? I figured out a way to repurpose them without making it just a pistol skin.

  4. I beat this one awhile ago, pretty good one, I would describe this one’s game play as doom re-imagined, story was pretty good, I wished there was more of it

  5. Finally got to play this and holy shit the story is actually interesting, too bad more of it couldn’t be implemented more into the gameplay, because what is there is really good. Hopefully you’ll make another Lovecraftian mod with much more story, because I really liked it.

    Also, can’t complain about the levels themselves, all very well made and fun.

    • Thanks for playing and for writing! I’ve sorta been toying with the Fears mod, using From Beyond as the backstory this time, but it’s kind of a side project and experiment if anything. I did slip some Lovecraft into the Ghoul School mod for Heretic as well.

  6. Also, really loved that you focused on the Dream Cycle, one of my favorite parts of Lovecraftian lore along with the Yithians

    • Partly I felt Cthulhu was played out, and partly the dream cycle fit my original project idea from decades before. So it seemed like an obvious path to take, and ended up giving me some wicked level ideas.

  7. Hey there. Long-time fan. Recent commentor. I played your stuff back in the YoYoGames days, and I recently rediscovered you through your Splatterhouse 3d mod. The Doom mod, not the old executable.

    I’ve yet to catch up on all your recent work, but I have to say: this is quite possibly the best Doom mod I’ve ever played.

    The mod changes a fair deal, but that isn’t what makes it great. It’s the sheer craftsmanship of the level design. Every encounter is honed to such a razor point, and it all works to get you moving and engaging in these large-scale shootouts instead of just hanging back and popping shots through a corridor. And the enemies are all used to their fullest potential with all the various arrangements and combinations.

    Like how the new Cacodemons are spaced close to the edges of the arena to shoot down on the player and force them to keep moving while dealing with higher priority targets. But its health has been reduced just enough that it can be killed without dumping a quarter of your bullet ammo into it, while still taking enough time to kill that it stays lower priority. It’s brilliant.

    Every weapon and enemy alteration, and every new powerup. Every map design feel very purposeful and it displays the masterful craftsmanship at work here.

    I’ve enjoyed what other projects of yours I’ve played, but this may be my favorite piece in your collection, and it will definitely be the measure by which I gauge all other Doom mods from now on.

    • Thanks man, your feedback and praise mean the world to me. I’m glad people are still playing this one all these years later. I have a soft spot for it since I originally came up with it when i was in grade school, but didn’t flesh it out ’til I’d been doom modding as an adult for some time.

      A cardinal rule for shooters, in my opinion, is that enemies should die easy, but kill the player pretty good, too. I use that for all my Doom maps and mods and it seems to keep the gameplay pretty fast-paced (it’s also why I hate vanilla heretic: every enemy takes forever to die = tedium).

      Thanks for stopping by to say hello!

  8. Stopping by to say hello. I’ ve been replaying this a lot lately. And finding out an officially endorsed mapset to use the monsters and weapons with, also great. Except… there’s a slight fly in the ointment.

    The goddamned Shadow Beasts and their ability to unleash a whole swarm of ghosts. It does not play well with Rylayeh’s cramped environs, in some cases, if you don’t have the rockets or space or haven’t even FOUND the launcher yet, turning some encounters into exercises in tedium.

    Eliminate all enemies that might prove to be an issue, quicksave and be prepared to run at the slightest screech and hope to all that’s holy you don’t get stuck on a piece of geometry or fall into a pit while being chased down by a horde of green shits ready to, in the words of Caleb, give you a spiritual enema of the bad kind.

    Because in the case of the latter, more often than not, there will ALWAYS be that one ghostly endurance athlete who will reach you while you’re scrabbling at the walls and proceed to kill you in the matter of seconds no matter how much health or armor you have, nevermind the fact that they were supposed to dissipate a second or so after hitting you by the time they reached you, but apparently life leeching abilities come paired with that or something.

    That self-indulgent rant on a minor pet peeve aside, I genuinely enjoyed replaying this all in addition to Rylayeh, which I hadn’t known about until now. And the concept of the Shadow Beasts as an enemy, and like fighting them, with or without the high damage weapons, is also enjoyable… so long as it doesn’t take place in areas where savescumming is practically a necessity in order to survive and win. :P

    • yeah the ghosts could have been tweaked a bit so they don’t murder you so quickly. i think i was mostly able to get through it without too much trouble, but like you said, it’s kind of a matter of luck with those critters.

  9. Only came across this recently. Absolutely amazing mod. The gloomy atmosphere, the cracking gameplay, this has got to be top 3 for me (together with Extermination Day and Ultimate Torment and Torture). 9.5/10.

    • Thanks man! TUTNT is great! Have you tried playing TUTNT with Project MSX? it breaks the final fight of the second episode, but otherwise it’s a hardcore experience.

  10. hi! link to download the mod (“SA Download.zip”) and all other mods are broken. hope it can be fixed soon. many thanks in advance.

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