10 comments on “Strange Aeons

    • I have no intention of doing this because of the amount of work it would require to replace all the monsters and special items with generic doom equivalents. Besides which, I intended all my mods to be played as-is.

  1. Just fugured out that you made a separate mod for monsters and weapons – awesome work, dude! And I guess we now can name (unofficially, of course) RYLAEH + SA mod combo as “Aeon Before” XD

    • More like Aeon After, since the Traveler ends the game in R’lyeh anyway. And the maps in that wad are honestly perfect cos the geometry really does feel wrong and keeps leading you in circles.

  2. I’ve been enjoying playing through this one recently – it’s one of the coolest megawads I’ve played, and it might be my favorite of yours now, despite how excellent Project Einherjar was. You’re definitely on my list of top favorite Doom mappers. As a creative person myself (animator), I felt I should give you some positive feedback on your site to show there are plenty of people appreciating your work. Keep it up!

  3. Hi. As you may have guessed by my name, I’m the guy working on that Strange Aeons side project that I sent you. I was wondering if I may have a zip file of the pistol sprites from releases before version 5.0? I figured out a way to repurpose them without making it just a pistol skin.

  4. I beat this one awhile ago, pretty good one, I would describe this one’s game play as doom re-imagined, story was pretty good, I wished there was more of it

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