10 comments on “Midgard Outlaw

  1. Thank you, now it works and it’s a great mod so like your other mods, too! Keep on your fantastic work!

  2. I can’t get this to load in ZDoom 2.8.1 without it messing up textures and eventually crashing on the first map. I’m on XP SP 2, using a Q6600 with an 88GT and I only have Open GL 2 and can’t upgrade unfortunately. GZDoom 1.8.1 is the highest I can run.

    Thanks for any help,

    Neural Tech

    • I guess it doesn’t like Windows xp, unfortunately. You may have to wait til you get a new machine to run it. It works on Windows 7 and 10 as far as I’m aware.

      • Since I have a Core 2 Quad Q6600 & (I assume he means) a GeForce 8800GT but I do run Windows 7 64bit, I went back & checked.

        Yes, ZDoom 2.8.1 has a number of the textures cycling, particularly the water and looking over the dam to the right. No fog effect either. I’ve been playing just fine on GZDoom 2.4.0, so I tested some older builds.

        GZDoom 2.2.0 & earlier has the same glitches, GZDoom 2.3.0 & 2.3.1 don’t have the texture cycling glitch but there’s no fog/mist effect at all. GZDoom 2.3.2 & newer enable the fog again.

        No idea if any of GZDoom 2.3.x work on Windows XP. I can confirm the OpenGL 3.x stuff works fine on Windows 7 with nVidia’s 340.52 drivers, which also have a Windows XP version.

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  4. Aand, replayed. Can’t wait for the next episode.:P

    If there’s some criticism that I can bring up, for WAJ and MO both, is the near consistent anti-climax of the final fights. Especially if you 100% things and are even remotely conservative. And more often than not, final levels of an episode leave one wanting more out of that specific level.

    And for the most part, the final level of MO seems to fix this.

    Otherwise, noticed some small problems with MAP 13 Streets of Fire.

    #1 – Unnecessary secret sector with the crate at the start.
    #2 – Unreachable armor bonuses in the hotel lobby from two levels back making it impossible to achieve 100% Items.

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