4 comments on “Trigger Warnings

  1. As an aspiring writer myself, I gotta agree. If I ever put the stuff I write out there, and there’s a trigger warning on it, please shoot me.

  2. You make a lot of good and interesting points. I can’t fully judge the situations of others so I am not 100% against some warning in some forms of media or discussion topics. Not in books. You should know, if you’re reading an adult book, there may be things in there that is not all sunshine and rainbows. Even in YA books, there’s violence and abuse. The gallons of blood spilled in the Hunger Games trilogy, for example. That’s how you create conflict in a story. And, most of the time, those conflicts are resolved.
    I have an assault scene in one of my books and I did put a warning for my beta readers in case they wanted an out from reading it. But, I’m not going to include a warning when the book is published because it’s a key point in a character’s backstory and, as you say, it is anti-marketing. I have a mild style, anyway, so I find it hard to believe anyone will actually be triggered. But, if someone has an issue with it, I’ll deal with it when the time comes. Have to get one book out before I worry about the reaction to this one.
    I also feel that “trigger warning” has had its true meaning altered. Now it means “someone might get offended.” When, if someone has a true issue with a triggering issue, there are more underlying problems and help should be sought out.

    • Good on ya, Carey. I’m positive most people who push for trigger warnings have never suffered in their lives. I had one potential reviewer opt out of a review trade because of the stuff I mentioned here in The Helios Legacy, citing religious reasons or something.

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