3 comments on “Fears Mod

  1. I’ve played through this demo countless times, it’s just that good (like all your maps). I cannot wait for the final release!

  2. Me again. If I may make a suggestion: the +1 health items are rather hard to see due to their color blending in with the earthly ground textures. Maybe change their color to some sort of a desaturated green? Olive perhaps? And: is it possible to get a standalone version of the flashlight? I think it’s a rather well done flashlight and I’d really like to use it with other mods. Thanks!

    • That’s not a bad idea for the herbs. I’ll see what I can do. As for the flashlight, I think there’s a mod somewhere for a more realistic one; this one is built into the Harder Event mod I merged Fears with, and is a bit more resource heavy.

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