9 comments on “Fears Mod

  1. I’ve played through this demo countless times, it’s just that good (like all your maps). I cannot wait for the final release!

  2. Me again. If I may make a suggestion: the +1 health items are rather hard to see due to their color blending in with the earthly ground textures. Maybe change their color to some sort of a desaturated green? Olive perhaps? And: is it possible to get a standalone version of the flashlight? I think it’s a rather well done flashlight and I’d really like to use it with other mods. Thanks!

    • That’s not a bad idea for the herbs. I’ll see what I can do. As for the flashlight, I think there’s a mod somewhere for a more realistic one; this one is built into the Harder Event mod I merged Fears with, and is a bit more resource heavy.

      • Oh damn…I feel you. To be honest I didn’t like Fears much on my first playthrough – of course I guess I did it to myself since I started off on Ultraviolence and I didn’t read your note on UV until after I finished it – but it has grown on me with repeated playthroughs. I’ve looked into the source material a little and I do like how you’ve interpreted the design. I see you working to make the most of the level layout with monster perches to give you room to maneuver around their shots and trying to make the most of what space you’re given, and there is a particular tension to encounters that comes close to evoking Doom 3 or Doom 64’s cramped corner-peeking narrowly-evading-fireballs-while-two-feet-from-the-monster’s-face energy, but sometimes it feels like the monsters are chafing against the original game’s cramped level design. You want to do a lot with it but it just isn’t giving you much to work with. But if you change the level design too much, then what really ties it to the source material?

        I hate to say it, but maybe if you approached it with an angle to the monsters more like Doom 3 and 64 – where there’s smaller concentrations of more powerful monsters like 3’s two-shot Imps or 64’s hordes of Hell Knights. I know you mentioned you disliked enemies that take a while to kill, but I have noticed a pattern of games using stallish encounters in cramped shooters…maybe raising that kill bar a little and pulling back on the quantity might be a way to synergize more with the restrictiveness of the source material.

        I do see potential in this game, and I would like to see more. I was really getting into it as it got toward the end. I even get five levels deep into Doom 2 afterward (I don’t know how I beat that Cyberdemon and Archvile replacement though). I do hope you can come back to this some time and build on it.

      • Well, the source material was as generic as it gets, so I had a lot of wiggle room. The story and setting are summarized in a single sentence and everything looks like stock Doom textures and balloons with faces drawn on them. Lots of room for improvement and creative license there. For most of the monsters I tried to make them a little bit more like the pre-release version where some monsters actually had bodies and animation frames. And all the guns are based somewhat on the originals.

        I’ll probably still toy with it now and then. It was really kind of an experiment from the beginning, but I enjoy it a lot more than the Angst mod.

  3. I can’t help but notice that the guns only variant doesn’t seem to be guns only. This is normally fine, since the ambience and the light effects it brings with it are usually a welcome addition. The jellyfish don’t always line up well with the atmosphere but they don’t bother me much either. But changing the enemy variants when the enemies are default for a map pack can horrendously unbalance some encounters. I just tried playing Putrefier back over with this mod and it kicked my shit in. Will there be a proper guns-only variant in the future?

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