6 comments on “Polly Pocket Knockoff Theater: My Little Fairy Tale

  1. Thank you for sharing this! I had the Cinderella one as a little girl. I was thinking about it and looking everywhere on the internet for it because I remember it wasn’t an actual Polly Pocket. The “secret” is that when you push the shoe button a back light in the mirror lights up to reveal the picture. I hope to be able to find one in such wonderful condition as yours! Wish me luck!

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed this. I’ve recently started collecting Polly Pockets. It started with just buying ones I’d had as a child. Of course that quickly escalated into getting any adorable one I saw. These knockoffs greatly intrigue me, especially Goldilocks.

    • I used to know how, but I don’t remember now. I know there were two versions, and I think the my secret fairy tales version of the toy line used batteries. the other didn’t.

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