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  1. Hey, big fan of your work with doom maps and conversions. But I have a question, are you planning to finish this badass mod, or is this all that’s gonna come out?

    • Right now it’s up in the air. I tried to generate interest in making it a community project, but only a couple people bit, and they never got back to me, so it fizzled out as quickly as it started. When I’m done with PRoject Einherjar I’m sure I’ll return to it.

      In the meantime, if anyone decides to use the resources to build their own maps, hopefully they’ll share ’em with me.

      • Ok. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! I’m considering helping out, as soon as I get everything in order to build maps.

    • how the hell does this actually work?? i have doom and doom 2 from steam and doesn’t this link should come with gzdoom WAD included ?

      • you need to download gzdoom and put it in its own directory, then find doom2.wad in your steam folder and copy-paste it into the gzdoom directory. then put splat3d.pk3 in the gzdoom directory and click-drag it onto gzdoom.exe to run it. steam runs doom in a different way that won’t work.

  2. Love this, great for Halloween, the original is before my time by a long shot but this is a lot of fun. You always make good stuff though my personal favorite project of yours has got to be Strange Aeons. Any insight to what your next doom engine “game” will be?

    • Most likely a third Winter Agent Juno mod I’ve been working on, which is a remake of the Wolfendoom mod Operation Arctic Wolf. I’m redesigning the maps from scratch and merging several redundant maps into large, single maps, and putting some other little bells and whistles in there.

      • As for a third episode, I’ll add one if I can get a community project going. As far as I’m concerned, Rick’s story ended with Part 2 in the original franchise. Part 3’s story was so far removed from the first two it feels like a spin-off.

    • You can always play it in the background. I took it out cos I wanted to make the player feel like they were actually there.

      The kick originally WAS a boot, actually. A nice fella from the forums made a kick that actually looked like Rick’s foot.

  3. Im playing it right now and it is awesome. Alots of heart went it to this game. Alots of detail from the splatterhouse universe is here. As a fan of Splatterhouse I love it. It has a creepy atmosphere, a sense of exploration (which I like) and challenge. I love the touch with the mirrors in the mansion (thats where Im at so far). I feel like Im in the splatterhouse world. Well done my friend. Well done!

  4. Men, the game has a final?? I played the second episode and in the last mission (E2M6) when i save jennifer and killed the five hell guardians nothing happens, i already search in all map, and nothing:/

  5. @mikemacdee When I start (E2M1), The dialog text say “SHE lured you both to West Mansion.” So Jenny lured themselves to the mansion or the text is messed up? Plus the manual refer Dr. Mueller as a woman, so is it the text messed up or what???

  6. I just want to say thank you for releasing this. I love how close everything is to the source material. I played splatterhouse many moons ago, and is still one of my favorite survival horror games in the genre. this really brings me back. PLEASE do not forget about this project, how can we help by getting it out there.

  7. Hey, when I start the mod with gzdoom I get the error:

    Script error, “splat3d.pk3:splatmonsters.wad:DECORATE” line 19:
    “DONTTHRUST” is an unknown flag

    Script error, “splat3d.pk3:splatmonsters.wad:DECORATE” line 65:
    “DONTTHRUST” is an unknown flag

    how can I fix this?

  8. This was the perfect mod to play for Halloween. The sprites looked great, the gameplay was well-refined and fun, and it was gloriously gory. Loved it.

  9. Holy crap, it’s been ages since we’ve been in contact. But I’m popping out of the shadows to say, AWESOME mod. E2M4 was extremely frustrating, but I had a great time with it otherwise! Definitely scratched my horror game itch when nothing else in the modern gamescape’s really been standing out.

    • Thanks man! I was watching a guy’s livestream of the mod and one of his chatroom visitors asked if the game was available on xbox live. The streamer laughed and said “I’m sure the mod developer is tickled pink that you mistook his mod for a triple A title!”

      How the hell are ya? They still moving everything to the new HG101 site?

      • I’ve been doing okay-ish, though could be doing okay-er. Story of my life, lol. But yeah, I had no idea for a long time that you had been making lots of awesome Doom mods lately. I also had a huge heap of fun with Robocop, though it’s my favorite movie of all time, so I’m biased. Also, would the livestreamer you mentioned in question happen to be “IcarusLiv3s?” :O

        And I think there’s still some stuff that needs to be done with the new site. I don’t have the full story, but there was a fallout between the webmaster and one of the guys who coded it, and there were some things that haven’t been fully figured out since their departure, so it’s… a work in progress is all I can say for sure. So it is. I admittedly haven’t written for HG101 in quite a while, but I hang around their discord frequently. Feel free to buzz me there, though if discord isn’t up your avenue, totally understandable!

    • Actually I can’t remember whose livestream it was…

      I use discord all the time and I wouldn’t mind buzzing you or stopping by the HG101 discord or whatever. Can you email me your discord handle?

  10. Man, the music is awesome! I didn’t know that you updated this mod but I love it! Maybe I will replay all the levels again for the good taste of music :)
    Btw, are you still working in dinomensch? I like the theme (It’s like duke nukem but with dinosaurs) and etc

  11. Download link doesn’t work for some reason. I get an error that says “ERR_CONNECTION_RESET” Can you fix this when you get the chance?

  12. I love this mod! As a fan of the Splatterhouse trilogy, I always figured it’d mesh so well with DOOM. I have to ask though, what made you stray away from using some of the original monster sounds? I mean for instance Monster Jennifer doesn’t sound quite right without the sinister laugh it did in the arcade game.

    • cos i didn’t want it to sound like a genesis game. that and the soundclips weren’t available anyway, as far as i’m aware.

      I also didn’t use the original music cos it’s too repetitive for an exploratory horror game. most of the loops were only meant to be heard for about ten seconds at a time.

  13. Hi there. Your mod seems to be amazing but i noticed on episode 3 map 6 the teleport trigger is glitched so it doesnt let me to progress further. If u could take a look and fix it i would appreciate it.

  14. Well at beginning of Blood SImple level in episode 3 when u have to fall in to the pit the teleport after falling in the blood pit seems to do nothing for me its just keeps me down in the pit.

  15. winrar is saying the archive is corrupt when i try to extract it and i already tried to fix the file please help i really like your mod

  16. Sending out a megathanks for this wad , it’s a real highlight of october for me, the atmosphere, the pace, and the rediculous ammount of red pixels has left me smiling from ear to ear!

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