9 comments on “Nerves of Steel

  1. These superior remakes of crappy low-budget mid-90s shooters are pretty cool. I’ve played both this one and Op. Body Count, and I’m looking forward to Angst.

  2. this is the world needs: Remakes of bad games for good engines good luck with your remakes

    PD:the download links of all you TCs are broken you can fix it :)

  3. played this, I found it to be quite enjoyable until I got anywhere into each of the campaigns, half the levels have serious lag issues both on the laptop and smartphone, I even played around with my settings…I really hope this gets fixed this is an awsome mod, the weaponry is okay but I’m spoiled from Objective Body Count so this by comparison is kinda meh, I like the .357 as it reminds me of half life’s colt python, and the AA12 is just pure %$*! you concentrated into steel and polymer and handed down from chuck norris himself as he rides a dragon with jesus christ himself being his tailgunner…so those two guns really make up for the rest of the arsenal, oh and the nuke launcher is cool but I only got to use that with cheats

  4. I know that this Doom TC has been released a long time ago, just wanted to say that the ammo for the Repeater is still tagged as “Cell” despite having a dedicated AMCell ammo for that. I just had to use SLADE to correct that issue while playing it.

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