4 comments on “Bootleg Street Fighter II Playsets

  1. Oh man, I’ve still yet to manage to find the Blanka/Ryu and Honda/Bison sets but covered the Guile/Chun-Li one on my site a little while back.

    I absolutely love these sets and wish I had known about them as a kid. With my massive love of Mighty Max playsets and Street Fighter II, this would have been a dream come true for me!

    • Awesome, I’ll definitely browse your site to see what cool stuff you’ve posted about!

      I happen to have an extra Honda/Bison set if you wanna buy it. Send me an email!

  2. These are incredible! I really, really wish micro playsets like this would make a comeback in the boys toys aisles. There are a few things for the girls (my daughter has some of the new Polly Pocket stuff) but nothing with monsters or fighters or anything like that. These are great. Wish they’d made six sets to get all of the world Warriors from SFII.

    • There’s a series of Spanish Mighty Max style toys called Monster Mayhem or something like that, but the ones I got were so cheap and shoddy I shipped them back. Shame, ‘cos they look really cool.

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