2 comments on “Keep the Politics Out of Your Writing Advice

  1. There is indeed a lot of bullshit on Mythcreants; but they keep the social justice stuff seperate from their quite excellent writing advice.
    Your doing yourself a disservice if you ignore it simply because you dont agree witj their politics.
    Although the social justice stuff is a bit over the top (i’m quite sure no amount of research will quallify me to write about family life during The Blitz (and my ansetors are at least half british)) they always back themselves up with interesting facts that will help you look at things through a new lense, which is what writing is all about.

    • I don’t recall reading articles where they kept them separate, honestly. Their writing advice too often comes off like it’s meant less to be about writing well, and more about writing their way. Besides which there are other sources like the ones I listed where you get the same kind of writing tips politics-free.

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