10 comments on “Why I Love GoBots More Than Transformers

      • Sure Thing!
        I agree with everything you said. I also can’t stand that even when transformers does do a female character they make her look more human than robot, unlike, Gobots you don’t get awkward “ro-boobs” and the female robots look like their male counterparts which makes more sense.
        I don’t know if you know or not, but there has been word of Hasbro looking to do a New Gobots movie, ( if they do I hope for 2 things: 1 no live action and 2, no transformer characters), also they are releasing ( well not hasbro but someone in japan )new Machine Robo figures of a few of the Gobot characters, unfortunately they are 45.00 or more each and only about 4inches tall, so I won’t be buying any though.

  1. I was actually thinking about writing something like that. Mike anchored many of the things that made for me Gobots an easy choice against Transformers for me in the 80s growing up. They were more original , unique, and honestly looked way cooler in my eyes. I prefered both the cartoons and the toys at the time although Gobots had its flaws as well.

    Another point is that Gobots were both cheaper and smaller which for me were an advantage as they fitted my other toys and not the least my budget better. Although the quality was lower with gobots, they weren’t that much worse and most of them survived the treatment of the 8 years version of me.

    Watching what Hollywood has done with Transformers, I’m almost happy Gobots never were very popular in the USA. I don’t have to look my childhood heroes reduced to bad CGI cashcows for Hollywood executives and kids who will have forgotten all about it 5 minutes after leaving the movies.

  2. What I can say is when I was a kid I only had 2 Transformers but more Gobots ,in fact, my most favourite Gobots were Turbo,Handcuffs,Crasher & Tux ,(respectively they each transform into a race car,a Toyota Crown cop car,Porsche 956 race car (something like that) and a Rolls Royce Phanthom 6 limo). at times I wish I had the Gobots Puzzler (Renegades that merge into a larger robot) ,a Guardian gobot named Sparkie or Sparkles that transforms into a Pontiac Fiero and a Renegade gobot named Stallion that transforms into a 1979-’80s Ford Mustang.

  3. I agree 100%.
    Plus the Gobots cartoon was more racially diverse.
    Gobots had main human characters that represented all races and gender.
    Also I might ad, in my opinion the toys were better too.
    Metal die cast, and in vehicle mode, Gobots look like real vehicles, very detailed as well.
    I also like Puzzler better than Devistator.😎
    Almost same quality as matchbox cars.
    Tonka made solid toys.
    Transformers were plastic and broke easier. And also the toys had alot of little parts which were easy to lose.
    I own a collection of Gobots, as well as Super Gobots and combiners.

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