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It was supposed to be a simple escort mission…

Two days on a train, trade the boy for a case of rations, then two days back home.  Simple.  But somehow nuclear winter has never been harder for Juno Radcliffe — ex-guerrilla and war hero, demoted to babysitter as she escorts a young boy across the wasteland. Stranded on the icy tundra and pursued by assassins, she has her work cut out for her; and at the end of the trail is a dreaded reunion with the lover she spurned years ago.

The Helios Legacy is a dystopian sci-fi adventure set in the snowy wasteland of Midgard, where a one-eyed heroine embarks on a journey of sex, violence, and self-discovery that could cost her everything.


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Juno faces her most dreaded adversary: her relatives.

When Juno gets word of her estranged mother’s suicide, she returns to her dystopian home town to bury the hatchet along with her.  The moment she gets off the train, the  past assaults her with embittered sisters, childhood crushes, obnoxious dogs, and a very smitten gang leader with ultraviolent tendencies.

Trouble is, the more Juno wonders about her mother’s death, the more everyone urges her to get out of town.  And the more they urge her to leave, the stronger her own urge gets — the urge to gut the city’s corrupt underbelly.


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