4 comments on “Truly Outrageous

  1. In Sweden where i’m from we only got the 1st season and a few other episodes. Me and my friend were totally watching for the music, and some of our favourite songs were the Misfits’.
    We thought Rio was sulky and annoying, and didn’t get why Jem/Jerrica just wouldn’t tell him already xD

    I have watched the other seasons as an adult but must say that the songs were not as catchy, or maybe that’s just because I didn’t hear them as a kid?

    I wish the Synergy doll would have been a litlle more like in the show, like the eyes and clothes…

    • i still think season 2 is the best overall, but the stingers had some cool tracks in season 3. have you watched the father’s day episode today? :D

      • Father’s day in Sweden is in November ;)
        But might do some rewatching tonight, have to give the stingers a chance if you say so ;D

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