2 comments on “Horror of Dolphin Island

  1. I’m a woman but as a kid I never really liked cute things or dolls. Had a brief Barbie thing and also liked polly pocket for a short period of time as we cousins all got them for christmas one year.
    But as an adult I absolutely love these tiny little sets! Especially the older compacts. The details and planning of the sets were wasted on the kid me lol
    The only thing that disappoints me is how ugly the disney figures are xD
    And that they didn’t make a Pinocchio set.
    Thanks for these post, so much fun to read! :)

    • i guess pinocchio wasn’t as popular with more modern kids?

      but yeah, the early 90s bluebird polly stuff was pretty dope. shame mattel bought them out and turned her into a pocket barbie.

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