6 comments on “Karnak

  1. Minor complaint about the firing animation for Gilgamesh, it’s just the death animation for the Chaingunner. Otherwise, top work.

  2. I think the mod may be a bit broken, heretic enemies and weapons are showing up, which is a shame because reading the PDF made me love this story and got me kinda hyped to play

      • I compared it to some YouTube footage and apparently it is working, I feel downright stupid right now, sorry for wasting your time, as far as my opinion on it I love it, the weapons are all great, my only complaints are the machete isn’t made for widescreen, and the tripod auto-cannon sprite is just not the best and I find it hard to aim with it, the only other issues are issues I have with Heretic which your mod made heretic actually kind of fun so congrats man! another winner of a mod, I couldn’t complete any of the campaigns though that’s more so the fact I dislike heretic, the levels are a little too confusing for me. Anyway love your work, this is a solid entry into your doom engine resume!

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