19 comments on “The Many Faces of Mighty Max

  1. Hi, I’ve acquired a series 2/3 Max figure with a distinctly yellow T shirt and yellow shoes in the same pose as the 3rd Max from the left in the series 2/3 photos above (ie 2 raised fists) – does he belong to a specific set, do you know?

  2. I’ve gotten a sealed Doom Zone Series 1 set that came with a Series 2/3 Mighty Max figure. So, I’m guessing the Series 2/3 Mighty Max figures must have come out at the end of the Series 1 Doom Zone run?

    I didn’t see you mention this, so I’m guess this is something rare? Or did they maybe release some Doom Zone Series 1 sets along with the Series 2 sets?

    • I’m not sure I’ve ever seen that before. Do you have photos? I think they did re-release some Series 1 sets with Virgil included as well, so they might have done what you described.

      • I don’t have a pic as I had already opened it up. There was no “Virgil” included. I’ve never seen a “Virgil” included in a Doom Zone set. Only seen him in the large playsets and the figure packs.

        I’ve seen other sealed Doom Zone Series 1 sets with the Mighty Max 2/3 figures in them. So I’m guessing the Mighty Max 2/3 figures were released towards the end of the Series 1 print run.

        It would be interesting to hear from an employee on when this change occurred. And it would be interesting to get info on why they changed the figure for so early on. Must of been because of the cartoon.

        I’m going to guess they originally had the multi colored hat “child” figures at the start. And then when developing the cartoon, they decided to make Mighty Max look older like a “teen” and give him only a red hat like in the cartoon. This must have happened during the Series 1 print run. So, technically the “teen” Mighty Max figures are for all 3 Series. I’ve not seen the “child” version of Mighty Max in Series 2 or 3. So I’d guess the “child” version was only in the early run of Series 1.

      • Someone on facebook corroborated this, so I’m sticking with my theory that they re-released some Series 1 Doom Zones with the newer figure.

  3. I’ve noticed a few series 2/3 Max figures with a yellow hat. Always assumed someone had “painted over” the traditional red paint but since obtaining one with a “Terror Talons” set it looks legit. Do you have any information on this color variation?

  4. Old post (thanks very much for the info) but I’ve got x2 of the series 2/3 7th along Max but with a green hat. Any idea where they fit in?

      • ah yeah that seems to be it thanks. it looks like you can get just about any Max series 2/3 design with any coloured hat in the Heroes and Villains sets? looking on ebay there are multiple different listings of the same set all the same except for the max. gonna be impossible to collect all those variants lol

      • Do you happen to know if any of the larger playsets (Dragon Island, Terror Talons, Skull Master, Skull Mountain, Magus) came with the series 1 coloured hat Max? And was it only the first series of Horror Heads that came with the coloured as well?

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