13 comments on “Mighty Max Comics

  1. Hi Mike, I’ve just found the packaging for the large playsets, all but the first one (Skull Mountain) I can take some photos and email them over if you like? I don’t have a scanner at home I’m afraid.
    I have a feeling I also have some of the small set backing too.

      • I’ve sent a Dropbox link to the images. They’re not amazing quality, but I just wanted to show what I had and then I will get scans at work of the ones you’d like. Cheers, Edd

  2. Hi! I am making a research? Do you know the name of the comic book artists of those short comics? Thanks in advance

  3. Fantastic to read these again after more than two decades! I used to keep all these cards until my parents threw them out, so I remember them quite well. Wonderful work, thank you!

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