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About the Author

Mike MacDee is a subterranean desert creature that secretes graphic novels and short fiction as a defense mechanism. He is currently on the endangered species list, but so far environmentalists have shown no interest in preserving him.

He sometimes goes by Impie.


All site content is copyright 2000-Present by Mike MacDee.

84 comments on “About

  1. Is there a way you I could talk you into Letting the site i work at ( Geek Juice Media ) Host your Splatterhouse 3D game pack?

    I think it’s great fun , and would love to do a little review of it with a hosted download if i could

    • Thanks for asking! I’m okay with it, as long as you hotlink to my profile at GameJolt in the article. People have a habit of getting outdated versions of my games on other freeware sites — the GameJolt profile always has the latest versions.

      • I found out that you own the Killing Time fan site Conway Estate and I just like to let you know that I found out on Zoom Platform’s Facebook page that they are planning a PC port of the original 3DO version along with a revised edition of the PC version.

      • Thanks for the reminder! I chat with the boss over at Zoom about killing time matters and I believe he mentioned this at one point.

      • For you Bloodites out there (Like me) here is a guy who is making a Java port of Blood. He also made the BloodTC for Eduke You can check it out here.

  2. Hey,

    I was just wondering if I could have your permission to do a narration of your story “The Crying Room” on my Youtube channel. I’ve done several and I’m looking to do some more here soon. I love the story and would really enjoy reading it. Feel free to check out some of my work first. My website I used on here is my Youtube channel.


    • I don’t mind at all if you adapt it! A few of them have already been adapted on youtube. All I have to say is avoid doing what most of them did: slurring their way through the story with their voice drowned out by loud, inappropriate music.

      • Awesome.

        Don’t worry, I do a lot of editing and have a policy to not use music at all. I work on acting my way through the story if it is from a character’s point of view, without going overboard. If I slur, or mess up a line. I say it over again while editing the mess up out.

        Now that I have your permission. I hope to record and have the story up within a week or so. I hope you like it, it is a very funny and well written pasta. Thanks for letting me narrate your story. You’ll get the proper crediting with a link coming back here so that listeners can find more of your work!

        Much appreciated!

  3. Good evening,

    This does seem to be the place to inquire about narrative permissions, and I was wondering if we might be able to cover “Whispers” on our show, Midnight Marinara, which adapts eerie stories into audio dramas. The story would lend itself well to the radio play format we aim for, and of course we’d be sure to give you credit and promote whatever you’d like via the show.

  4. Hi,

    I found your website very informative, also like to thank you help me to build my own game.
    There is a video I would like to share with you.

    Killing Time 3DO Remake in Adobe Flash CS3


  5. Been enjoying your MSTings of hideous MLP fanfics. I think I downloaded them from a collection elsewhere, but they are credited to this URL…Enjoy your riffing characters and their ongoing storylines – they add extra humor in the way of the original MST3K (something I have had a fairly obsessive love for for almost a decade now even though I encountered it long after its end.) I came here to poke around and see if you’d done any more of those…and if not, what you are doing now.
    Ms. Thraam

    • Thanks so much for reading this little pet project of mine! I have another Fan-Friction in the works that I’m hoping to get back to writing soon. I’ve had a lot on my plate lately and I’m in need of a break from the serious writing I’m doing…

      • I wish I could give you an answer to your query re where I found your Fan Friction – it was definitely a site other than your own – but I don’t remember what it is called, or how to get there. Someone had mentioned seeing textually-manifested MST3K-mode satirical humor using bad fanfic in place of bad movies, and inserting gags and jabs at its paragraphs by either the original MST3K bots or original characters performing similarly functioning roles to those of Crow and Servo. Being a really, REALLY obsessive MSTie, I had to check this out immediately so just pulled up Google, typed ‘mst3k AND fanfic’ then skimming through the results and yours came up, but on someone else’s blog or page. I think I may have heard about this all in connection to the bafflingly popular MLP fandom so I believe I may have added ‘MLP’ to the search string…so there’s a fairly good chance that if you do this yourself, you may find the site… I recall not having to pore through many results before finding what I was looking for. I will add that on occasions later that week, I encountered lots of other MSTings of fanfics by other writers which I found less entertaining, and one, maybe two others that were ABOUT AS funny as yours. I am disappointed that it seems to be ‘over with’ since everything I ran into was years and years old…I think of the MSTing phenomenon as outliving the show inspiring it…especially since the latter cast of the TV show went on creating Rifftrax.com, which includes further fun jabbing bad (and sometimes contemporary Hollywood blockbusters that are far too over popular) and carrying it all further with the iRiff section for new MSTers to try their own commentary comedics out on a significant audience. The results run the gamut from dull to ‘possibly better in some ways than the original show’ (reference: Incognito Cinema Warriors XP, which has amazing production, audio, sets and three robots doing the riffing with a human, like the old MST3K, but somehow managing to be more than just a rip off of Joel Hodgson’s original – the mood is darker and more tapped in to horror film fans, and the robots have totally different personas. And most importantly, is consistently fall-from-my-chair hilarious.

    • Yeah, fanfic-riffing is all but dead. I think people still occasionally post riffs on Das Sporking, PonyRiffs, and Deviantart, but often they’re pretty bad, and updates seem to be sporadic at best. Most of this went down in the 1990’s. The most recent updates on riff sites I usually find are around 2011, so I don’t really have many contemporaries anymore, if any at all. I just uploaded two new episodes this weekend though, so I hope you like ’em.

  6. I really love your work. <3

    I just wanted to ask and see if I could write a creepypasta kinda (sequel) to "Whispers" and which I already had a story planned out. It would basically be a follow-up to DeadAtFifty's tribute.
    (I just wanted your permission before doing so.)

    • I wouldn’t mind your writing a spin-off if you think you have one in you. Just don’t be like them other creepypasta authors who spend only an hour on their stories and shun things like “editing” and “proofreading.” Whispers took me a few months to polish up, and even then its quality is debatable.

      Be sure to post a link here when it’s finished! I’d love to see it.

    • Greetings Maybedaniel,
      I am a little confused. I think you are looking for a different person. I never wrote any story of that name before. Your work looks interesting from the description though. Could you send me a link or two to your favourite pieces?

      Hope you do find the writer you are looking for to get the permission you are seeking. Very ethical of you!

      Ms. Thraam

  7. I am starting to do some animations and among them are some Creepy Pastas, a friend of mine recommended Dream-Jaunt and it was great. I was wondering if I could do an animation of it to post on Youtube, you would be properly credited in it.

  8. What happened to the Arnold Odyssey stuff? The book isn’t on Lulu anymore, and it’s not even up on this site anymore… :(

    • I took it down to revise it into a new project. I just haven’t decided whether to do a comic or a series of short books. I might re-upload the originals after the revisions.

      Part of it was I didn’t like a lot of the characters and names, and I hated the first four episodes and thought of funnier things to do with them.

  9. Good afternoon,

    Thank you SO much for your mods, Strange Aeons and Project Einherjar for Doom!! I am having too much fun with them. I will be check your site out in due time and hopefully find something to purchase so I can support your efforts.

    Keep rocking,

    Chris Robbins

  10. Alright… I just placed an Order with Amazon for new copies, of Project Einherjar #1 & #2!! I can’t wait to smell that new paper. That would be great if you could sign them for me, I would really appreciate it. Thank you again for all the great fun I’ve had with the respective Doom Mod… I still haven’t started Episode 2, but I’m sure the remaining episodes are going to be amazing. Question, where do I email you for Support for your mods… I can’t get the sequel, Midguard Outlaw to run correctly in ZDoom 2.8.1. Luckily Project Einherjar runs well in that, I wish I could run it in GZdoom, but my machine can only run version 1.8.1 unfortunately. Thank you sir,

    Neural Tech

    • Thanks so much for ordering the books! Sadly I can’t sign them since they’re sold through a third party, although if we ever cross paths at an event or something I’ll be happy to sign them!

      Just email me if you have issues running my mods or games and I’ll tell you what I think. It’s strange Midgard Outlaw won’t run, although you should be using Gzdoom rather than zdoom, since that’s what the mods were designed for. Try the latest gzdoom and see if it works.

  11. 04-24-20 (3 am Central)

    Fyi, your latest Doom Mod ‘website page’ isn’t loading. Perhaps it’s my phone/setup, but I wanted to give you a heads up regardless.

    Keep jamming away! Thank you for all the awesome Mods!!!! You rock, Impie!

  12. Is there an ETA on the links for Winter Agent Juno trilogy? I saw a review on Youtube and want nothing more to play through them all.

  13. Yo! If that’s fine with you, can you explain why you got kicked off the Doom community forums? You seem like a pretty chill and nice guy for something like that to happen!

    • I posted a mod where you rescue people from a parody of CHAZ while driving a tank and fighting rioters. The admins got pissed and publicly shamed me, so i told them to piss off and left. Apparently they recently bullied someone else off their forums, but I can’t find the guy’s name or his project name in my discord history. So yeah, stay away from the zdoom forums.

      • “BLM is a hate group” Go deplatform yourself off a cliff, you social parasite.

      • BLM is definitely a Communist hate group.

        Doom Guy is a Patriot and loathes Commies as much as he does the denziens of Hell. In his mind, they’re one and the same.

      • Strange, from my knowledge Doom Guy hates Nazis and pedophiles as much as he does demons. And I assume you’re both.

      • ok groomer, go back to rehashing Perturbator basslines. i’m sure your wrists will heal up soon

      • You talk tough for someone who still won’t even share a screen name, Anon. Kinda like how Antifa always hide their faces so they don’t get their pussy asses kicked.

      • On the contrary, I feel like it’s a noble statement when social media has mandated that a person should divulge everything about themselves.

        And no one who effectively endorses fascism should label others a coward. As the atrocities of the major powers of the Axis are already well known, you should look up the Romanian Iron Guard and the Croation Ustase. Their actions are proof that conservatism and capitalism, and their logical conclusion in fascism cannot be debated, but must be fought against.

        I’m sure you’re a fucking badass, that you have to make mods espousing COVID denialism and endorsement for police violence against protestors to prove how much of a bad ass you are. And when called out for being a little bitch you smear your opponents as “marxist SJWs” for the crime of being reasonable. Truly a virile White warrior of noble Hyperborean descent who will help make America great again and aid the Volk in Europa to reclaim it’s glory as the dominant power of the world! No more brother wars, only squabbling about whether or not you should consider Irish people white!

        If you really wanted the comicsgate demographic then no worries cause those are the only people dumb enough to stand up for your dumb ass anyway. It’s great knowing that the suspicions I had for a while have been confirmed. When you inevitably get unmasked as a Proud Boy or one of the Jan 6 capitol rioters you’ll only have yourself to blame.

      • So, the poster “Anon” would have us believe that:
        1. calling a coward a coward is a privilege that only people espousing the right kind of views are entitled to
        2. fascism is a logical conclusion of capitalism and conservatism
        3. social media can compel a person to divulge everything about themselves, there is no right to privacy
        4. if one is making mods containing certain political views, they are doing it to prove their badassery and not for some other reason

        Sorry, but can’t agree with any of those statements. Now there were certainly some suspicions that DID get confirmed in this thread, and that is that you, a person who put “Anon” as his nickname, are considering capitalism an evil thing that must be fought with no holds barred approach and that you don’t consider people supporting capitalism as having the same right to have political views as you. That is, you are not being impartial and reasonable as you tried to present yourself, but rather oppose anti-lockdown and anti-riot statements because of your political views.

        I would argue that having an anti-riot position is totally sensible, who the fuck wants to have chaos around where random bystanders can be injured or killed, whereas both pro-lockdown and anti-lockdown positions are within the norm. For some people lockdown can be a greater threat to health than a virus is, because lockdown can impact mental health and therefore immunity as well as push some people to try commit suicide – don’t underestimate the fact that some people are very vulnerable to social isolation. It also can and did result in couples divorced, domestic violence etc. you would think people would understand that the conflicts between them are driven by how social isolation impacted them and thus would try to preserve close relationships at all cost, but the reality is otherwise.

        And mikemacdee is correct in calling you a coward, because you make insults while hiding behind anonimity.

      • You don’t have to ask for his opinion for him to be able to give it. You haven’t got a leg to stand on and you’re probably one of the very cucks who is ruining the Doom community. On top of everything else, you’re only emboldened by your anonymity and still don’t contribute anything. So kindly fuck off already.

      • Hilarious that a right-winger is calling others a cuck.

        Those who toe the line of the NSGOP, even so called libertarians and the controlled opposition in the form of the “Democratic” Party can’t be considered human when they consider those other than the ruling class not to be human, so I’m only returning the favor. You willingly gave up your right to be considered human when you decided that right wing values were not only worth defending but expressing. If you’re smart enough to make a total conversion of a video game, you should be smart enough to see through the bullshit and anti-life beliefs inherent in conservatism. That you chose to accept it anyway says a lot about you and your character. I’d say you should just follow your leader but I have a feeling you will in a few years anyway. I just hope you don’t take anyone else out with you.

      • It says a lot about YOUR character that you 1) Have NO idea what conservatives and libertarians represent, and 2) dehumanized me for siding with people who use facts and statistics to make their points rather than censorship, violence, and city-burning like the left wing does. You’re the cultist here, pal, right down to the fact that you hide behind a mask (virtual mask in this case). Everyone knows my name and knows where to find me, but you come here boldly spewing bile while hiding behind an anonymous account. Too bad I can still see your IP address, dumbshit. Stop posting here.

      • Hey, fuck ’em! Don’t worry about it mate. If Doomworld admins wanna lower themselves to the level of Twitter and Reddit, so be it. It’s best for you to just abandon ship instead of putting up with that shit.

  14. Hey Mike, where can we find your games nowadays? Hope you’re doing well! (Honno from GJ chat days lol)

  15. Wait, did you also get banned from DoomWorld? What is going on? Are you still going to continue working on the Duchess mod?

  16. Hi man, the Doom TC projects you made look very interesting. For now I just finished the Dinomensch demo. I plan to play all of your projects in order. I started with Strange Aeons, the oldest of the ones you shared on your page. I just got to Episode 2 and what I’ve seen so far is amazing, I love the atmosphere and level designs. You should definitely do more Lovecraftian themed TCs. I think it will be a long and enjoyable journey as I will play all of your TCs. I can’t wait to see your new work.

    PS: Also my dad plays your TCs too. He is 58 years old and he is an old school player. He don’t like modern games much. :)

    • lol this comment made my day. Glad you guys both enjoy my stuff. Sounds like your dad has good taste, playing classics like Doom all these years later.

  17. Mediafire Links are currently down, trying to get almost everything from Robocop upwards so reupload would be nice :D

      • Nice, I love your hard work. All your mods are awesome; I can’t count how many times I play them. Anyways, I ask your permission to create separated monster packs based on your monsters! The only thing missing here is their rotating sprites.

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