Mata the Fox

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Centuries ago in Japan, during the Edo Period, three heists changed the course of history forever. No textbooks acknowledge that these incidents ever took place.

Escape From Graveyard Bay
Trapped on the dreaded island prison of Graveyard Bay, Mata must assassinate a loyal friend before she breaks under interrogation…or improvise an impossible rescue.

The Oshiro Songbird
The deadly leader of an impenetrable spy ring is rooted in the community of Inari Pass: she’s invaluable to the town, lethal to those who threaten her, and irresistible to everyone else. Breaking up her spy ring seems impossible…so it’s a perfect assignment for the Fox.

The Gold Barons of Izu
Second Place winner in the 2013 Samurai Fiction Contest. A revolt is on the horizon as Grand Minister Okubo and Yakuza Boss Kurai continue to oppress the Izu miners. To prevent the revolt, Mata must find a way to turn the barons’ dream alliance into a nightmare.

Shadow of the Fox reinvents the ninja with a trilogy of historical heist novellas that will keep you guessing until the very last line.