suffer dawn smooth

My repertoire of horror fiction is so extensive, I gave it a unique page on my site.

Sleep tight! Huehuehue…


My works are under the CC-by-NC license. You’re free to pass them around and do NON-commercial adaptations as long as I get credited. If you want to do a youtube reading, show common courtesy and ask me first. I’ll probably be okay with it.




  • Child Defective Services — It’s tough being a single dad and a modern wizard at the same time.
  • About Face — Edna Bishop is asked to represent a celebrity. Sort of.


  • Whispers — DeadAtFifty’s tribute to fellow blogger Sugarcaine…and the chilling truth about her disappearance…(My first story submitted as a creepypasta)
  • Babby’s First Slumber Party — A spin-off of Whispers, where five young girls spend the night in a spooky house.
  • Are You Still There? (chatroom) — Transcript of a chatroom conversation that took place on [date expunged].


  • Lights Out — You are a young child trying to get to sleep despite your fear of the boogeyman.
  • What’s the Matter, Jenny? — A simple dare involving a seemingly normal house leaves a girl in a terror-induced coma.
  • Teacher Wanted, Must Love Children — Emails and text messages about a predator lurking among the teachers of Winterfield Elementary.
  • The Shortcut — A very short retelling of an even shorter story.



3 comments on “HORROR FICTION

  1. I really like your works. Every single one is very refined, and they never lack in entertainment. The only request I have is for you to finish Inferno in your Doom fiction. I know that is irrelevant to your horror fiction area, but I’m commenting here since this seems to be the most updated area.

    • Totally forgot you commented here. Inferno has been finished for several months, if you’re still interested in it. You can find it on the Doom Fiction page.

      • I think I read it when it first appeared. I certainly know I read it anyways. I keep an eye on this website along with the sliver of the net that keeps my attention. Good work and luck on your content and up coming content on this site.

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