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~ Shadow of the Fox ~

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Centuries ago in Japan, during the Edo Period, three heists changed the course of history forever. No textbooks acknowledge that these incidents ever took place.

Shadow of the Fox reinvents the ninja with a trilogy of historical heist novellas that will keep you guessing until the very last line.

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~ The Helios Legacy ~


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Nuclear winter has never been harder for Juno Radcliffe — ex-guerrilla and war hero, demoted to babysitter as she escorts a young boy across the wasteland, battling vicious mercenaries and vile despots along the way.

The Helios Legacy is a dystopian sci-fi western set in the snowy wasteland of Midgard, where a one-eyed heroine embarks on a journey of sex, violence, and self-discovery that could cost her everything.


~ Infernal Affairs: A Divine Comedy of Errors ~


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A humorous urban fantasy about the perils of losing one’s body in Hell, which turns out to be a lot like losing your wallet on the subway. Infernal Red Tape is the worst.