8 comments on “Prologues Suck

  1. Wow. I thought Donald Trump had cornered the market on arrogance. Also, sounds like you’re a stable genius.

    Some people just like to hear themselves talk. You begin by trashing prologues. Then, you explain that prologues are great, as long as they’re used your way. Then, you go back to puttin’ prologues in the dumper. Flush it. Kssshhhhhh!!!!

    I use prologues with abandon. In fact, in one book, a prologue wasn’t good enough–I had a prelogue before the prologue! And it worked. Because it was, after all, a part of the story. Oh, you can argue pizza theory–whether you cut it in six pieces or eight, or make the prologue chapter one, it’s still a delightful treat.

    That is, if you haven’t copped a ‘tude about it.

    I’m just sayin’…

    • I addressed this on facebook already, but I guess I’ll repeat here.

      If I’m writing a “how to” about an aspect of writing, I’m gonna write with authority and confidence. I won’t write as a meek suggestion, I’ll tell people “this works, try it.” At least this time you actually said something about the writing of the article itself instead of just insulting me.

      Somehow I suspected you use prologues all the time, and this article struck a nerve. I have a feeling I was also right about your being so insecure about your writing that you feel the need to tear people down instead of engaging in a healthy discussion and actually make other authors want to have anything to do with you (for example, not posting criticism that insults the author rather than critiquing the work, not following that author across the internet to bombard them with said insults, and other things immature hack authors do on a regular basis).

      Just sayin’.

      • JUST LIKE in your essay, or whatever you want to call it, you render yourself defenseless…by insulting me. Instead of forgiveness, or even an attempt to be open minded, you attack. How can you get your revenge against me if you reduce yourself to the exact same tactics your offender does?

        Here’s an example of where you fail: 90% of the time they’re unnesccary. Where did you get that statistic from? It seems rather imposing, I would think someone of your avowed skill would offer a citation for such a claim. THAT is what i detest about your essay. The sweeping generalizations you pull directly out of your ass.

        YOu should be ashamed for fighting back. You’ll not win with me…

  2. Wow. And I thought Donald Trump had cornered the market on arrogance.

    I know, some people just like to hear themselves talk. I approve, especially if they can’t afford therapy.

    Listen, man, you sound like a stable genius when you open by slamming prologues, but flip when it comes to YOUR prologues, and then flip back again to throw prologues in the dumper at the end.

    And the obviousness of working the pitch in for your work is touching. Really.

    There’s nothing wrong with prologues. “As your attorney I advise you to lighten up.”

    • Oh, you actually wrote something else with the other one. Interesting. Here I thought you were just spamming the same thing over and over.

      See, part of why an author blogs is to promote their work, so I work my stuff in when I can, as do a lot of other authors with blogs. Fact is most of the books I’ve read don’t use prologues at all, which should tell you something about prologues in general: 90% of the time they’re unnecessary. That’s why I don’t really have any examples by other authors to share.

      You may want to take your attorney’s advice yourself and lighten up.

  3. And literally too funny that you ride me for insults. What precisely was SO insulting about my original post? Go on, spell it out. Be explicit. I want to know exactly what it was that hurt your feelings.

    • I’d love to know what planet you hail from where calling me arrogant, saying I love to hear myself talk, and implying that I need therapy isn’t an insult.

      But, you’re right, I won’t win against you, because I can’t win against crazy. So I won’t waste my time trying.

      • So sensitive. How old are you, twelve? For anybody following this thread, note that our hero Mike here has to focus on some teasing for his engagement, not the nature of his original post, which is where I went. C’mon, Mike, buck up! It’s a tough world out here, I’m as cool as a cucumber and you’re all twisted up. Relax, dude. The kind of feelings you are apparently having aren’t good for your health. Your familiar, I’m sure, with the great story of Cyrano de Bergerac. I recommend you learn how to take on your challenges artfully, with some elegance, and a sense of humor. People like me will be entertaining to you, rather than agrieving. PEACE!

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