9 comments on “Angst

  1. You magnificent son of a bitch. Only a genius combined with suicidal determination could dare take on what could very well be the anti-christ of FPS games, a production so vile and half-assed its very existance beggars belief.

    Well done sir, I look forward to a miracle.

    • Yeah they rejected all my stuff, and I got fed up with Freedoom’s total lack of direction, so I rewrote it for this. I might use my freedoom map for it as well.

      • I thought your story for Freedoom was excellent. Sorry they canned it. Anyways, excited to see some stuff for this! It looks great so far!

  2. hey I’m a big fan of your mods, loved Operation body count and Strange Aeons, any idea when Angst is going to come out? I am anxiously awaiting its release

    • No idea, honestly. I make these as side projects as a hobby, so they get done when they get done. I went back and revisited the Splatterhouse one so it would at least have one full episode. If you dug OBC you’ll probably also like Nerves of Steel and Project Einherjar — I’ve somehow got a habit of making large-scale mods with lots of human enemies.

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